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Pressure washing in Lake Oswego


Gutter cleaning & downspout flushing services

Sometimes all you need/or want is a simple gutter cleaning, valleys included.

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Well, its that time of year again. The leaves will soon land on everything below, including the roof & gutters! Give Rainman a call for a free Estimate.

Power Washing Roofs

Rainman Power Washing is Independently owned & operated. The roof washing part of my business is my specialty i have years of extensive experience washing exterior services.

Roof washing with pressure washers

Low pressure and a high volume of water.

1100 to 1400 psi is the low pressure part

10 to 12 gpm is the high volume part

To not disturb the shingles and to not resurface the roof you need skills AND the Appropriate Equipment for the job. 

Roof washing details

Washing a roof is a delicate job, the work is brutal but the outcome is usually  met with happiness and relief. Roofs are dangerous when the moss and debris start growing and piling up stepping on loose debris on a roof could be hazardous.

Exterior surfaces Concrete,Siding, Etc.

Will wash most surfaces and sidings. (no deck staining services. only pre wash and that is limited)